Meet  Our Green Team

Chris & Terra Weber

When Chris & Terra Weber chose to leave the construction and optical industries behind to become entrepreneurs in 2018, they didn't make the decision lightly. They wanted to pursue a trailblazing sector that would not only give back to the Medicine Hat community but provide a legacy to pass along to future generations. When the recreational cannabis opportunity presented itself, Chris and Terra knew this was exactly what they were looking for, so they took the leap, obtained their Qualified Cannabis Worker (QCW) certificate and opened The Green Exchange in 2018.


Kierstyn Weber

Kierstyn Weber is the daughter of owner’s Chris and Terra and wears many hats at The Green Exchange. Apart from being our Social Media Director and Accessory Manager, she is also one of our knowledgeable Cannasseur’s due to her experience not only in post, but pre-legalization for 10+ years. Kierstyn’s undeniable passion for this plant has led to her mission to destigmatize recreational cannabis use and educate on the importance of cannabis derived terpenes. Since helping with the start up of our establishment in early 2018, she has been involved in all aspects of learning the business from the ground up for future ownership!


Jasper Williams

Jasper Williams brings so many assets to our company as one of our original Cannasseur’s and Product Specialist’s. With a background working in the Medical Cannabis Industry, certificates in Legislation and Cannabis Botany as well as a Cannabis Health Specialist; she is a wealth of knowledge that works hard to decrease stigma around this unique plant. Her specialty? Helping you to find the perfect product to tailor your cannabis experience! Since joining The Green Exchange, Jasper has started a unique social and educational cannabis club that is aimed at helping bring people together and increasing knowledge in our community, check out the MH Canna-Bliss Club on Facebook!


Nic Keelan-Albert

Nicholaus Keelan-Albert has an unquestionable passion for all things concentrate and extract related and through his love of unique glass and paraphernalia products, he has been suitably dubbed, “The Bong Lord”! As he has been a musician for roughly 20 years and enjoys combining his love for music with the effects of cannabis, make sure to speak to Nick when looking for recreational cannabis products to help enhance your musical or gaming experience.