Women and Weed: The Higher Connection

Updated: Mar 15

Women's bodies have always been something to marvel at; the way our bodies are developed to grow, change and even create life.

Did you know, our endocannabinoid system has always been a part of these changes as well? As we age, our body naturally increases the number of endocannabinoid receptors in our brains and our sexual organs to adapt to the changes in our hormones (menopause).⁠

Because women's bodies have more receptors throughout, cannabis can have many more added benefits for women than men, including helping with endometriosis, menstruation pains, estrogen deficiencies, bone health, and other issues associated with menopause.

What else does this mean? Due to this increase, women are more likely to experience cannabis as an aphrodisiac. We also experience a higher tolerance at times of low hormonal changes and experience a more intense high during elevated hormonal changes. This basically means women will have a higher tolerance during their mensuration, making it harder to feel the effects. But on the other hand, have a lower tolerance during ovulation, making it very easy to experience the effects. One strain might hit you differently between mensuration and ovulation.

With all these added benefits- it's easy to see why so many women are finding a way to work cannabis into their self-care routine; canna-baths, canna-chocolate, canna-tea, face and skincare or some smokable cannabis and meditation or book.

With all the ways cannabis fits naturally into our bodies, it's no wonder women and weed go together like… Indica and a couch, a doobie and a lighter or, Well, Mary and Jane!

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